Our method of training is a holistic and comprehensive approach to fitness. It is not limited to just us teaching you how to perform specific exercises. Rather, we design a personalized fitness and wellness program exclusively for you.

These customized programs will provide guidance on how to safely and effectively exercise for maximum benefit. In addition, the Nuffer Method includes us working together to tackle any psychological barriers that may have previously prevented you from meeting your fitness goals.

Private Training

Sessions Price Per Session Price Total
1 $95 $95
5 $90 $450
10 $85 $850

Buddy Training

Sessions Price/Person/Session Price Per Session Price Total
1 $62 $125 $125
5 $60 $120 $600
10 $57 $115 $1150

Group Training

Price/Person/Session Participants Needed Location Dates/Times
$20 4 Minimum You select You select

Kids Fit Club

Information on rates for Kids Fit Club available upon request.

Fitness Hike

$50/hike or 3 for $135.


I have never felt stronger and healthier in my life. Training and guidance has truly helped me get in shape. The workouts are challenging and fun which makes them interesting and motivates me to do more.

Sue T.

The results I obtained by working out with Russ can only be described as "complete body transformation." In under six months, I lost in excess of 30 pounds and six inches off my waist. Before working out with Russ, I could never have even imagined such results at this point in my life. Make no mistake, it was a lot of hard work, but he made sure each session was optimized for maximum results. More importantly than the weight loss is that he has helped me make the critical connection between diet and fitness, a gift of health that I will benefit from for many years to come.


I don't know how she does it, but even though the workout seems fun while you're doing it, the next day you realize that you got your butt kicked! (In a good way!) She's energetic and enthusiastic, and always takes the time to recognize your efforts when they're good, yet keeps you accountable if you're slacking. She's great!

J. Shoop