Special Events

Our fitness expertise can be tailored to any special event. Be it a birthday party, an organized run or a corporate event, our fitness professionals will help make your special event fun, engaging and full of activity! 

Birthday Parties and Kids Fitness Areas

Invigorate your child's birthday party or event with fun active games and obstacle courses designed to your specifications. Our custom tailored kids events are designed to meet your child's wants and needs. Jumping, running, tagging and dodging around obstacles are just some of the adrenalin pumping activities the kids will enjoy on their special day. An emphasis may be put on any sport, activity or game your child enjoys. Our onsite events and birthday parties are unlike anything else. We bring all the state-of-the art equipment to the location of your choice. 

Cost: $250 per hour

Fitness Events 

Let us set up a fun fitness area for adults or kids at your Fitness Event. We will bring all of the equipment to set up a special fitness area that participants can take advantage of before, during or after your event. This is a great way for adults and kids to warm up before a fitness event and a great way to keep kids busy during a fitness event. Everybody will enjoy and benefit from a special fitness section at your fitness event. 

Cost: $250 per hour

Corporate Events

Want to improve productivity and get fit in the process? Let us organize fitness activities for your business or corporate event. From team building events or retreats to ongoing, regular fitness programs, there are huge benefits to keeping your workforce fit, active and healthy. Through fun, fitness activities full of physical challenges that deliver a full body workout, we will keep your employees entertained and on their toes!

Cost: Dependent on the event, approx $250 per hour