Kids Fitness: The Platform For Future Athletes

Our Mission

The goal of our kids fitness classes is to provide a fun, motivating platform for kids to enjoy the many benefits associated with fitness and exercise. Our unique approach to kids fitness captures the physiology of sport creating better athletes among all children. The unique format of our program keeps both the athlete and non-athlete engaged in each class ensuring each child the opportunity to develop and enhance his/her individual skill set. By encompassing all skill and fitness levels, we are able to boost the confidence of each child creating ideal, lifelong candidates for enjoying sports and fitness activities.

Create Your Own Fitness Class

Create your own kids fitness class for your child and a group of his or her friends. Nuffer Fitness will custom tailor a class for your child designed to bring maximum physical and emotional benefit while maintaining a high level of fun. Our kids fitness classes are fun for all children, both the athlete and the non-athlete. For children already engaged or focused on a specific sport we will implement activities to further enhance their natural skill set providing the perfect platform to excel in that sport. For children just beginning to get involved in sports, we will help your child strengthen their entire body and develop a broad, athletic-based skill set that will serve them in whatever fitness capacity they become involved in. Pick a day, time and location of your choice and let Nuffer Fitness do the rest. We will provide all the coaches and equipment at each class and most important, we will make fitness fun!

Cost: $20 per child per class

Before School Fitness Classes

Research suggests that children learn better when they have had at least 10 minutes of physical activity before sitting down in an academic setting. Let Nuffer Fitness design a 10-15 minute fitness program for your students. Our coaches will come any combination of days each week with all the equipment necessary to provide 10-15 minutes of physical activity to set your students on the right track to learn.

Cost: Contact us for more information

In School Fitness Class

The CDC recommends children and adolescents get 60 minutes of physical activity daily. Sadly, only 29% of children in California ages 5-11 meet this requirement. Recess is the perfect opportunity to increase the amount of physical activity kids get. With increased physical activity comes better academic performance and academic outcomes. Let Nuffer Fitness help take advantage of kids free time by providing the opportunity for children to be more active at recess. Our coaches are available to come any combination of days during the week to facilitate play and physical activity for your students during recess. Whether this be organizing a fun game of fitness capture the flag or a stationary obstacle course designed to challenge children in a variety of physical ways, we would love to help your students make recess an active time.

Cost: Contact us for more information

After School Fitness Classes

Let us help keep kids active and involved in positive, beneficial activities after school. For children already involved in after school sports, our fitness classes complement any existing sports program your child is currently part of by continuing to develop a wide range of skills that benefit every athlete. For children not involved in after school sports, our kids fitness classes simply make fitness fun and serve as the platform for all children to develop a love of health and fitness. Our coaches are available any combination of days and will provide all the equipment necessary for a fun, engaging after school fitness program.

Cost: $20 per child per class